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In 2020, It all started out as an hobby and it beocame passion to automise homes across India. Meraki Automations is built with some really motivated and curious brains, working towards the mission of automating every home in India with the best technology and user experience making our users Live Effortlessly. Who continue to search for new ideas and better experiences in everything they do. Because today’s hyper-connected world deserves a Technology that is just as progressive. One that adapts to your needs, gives you control and convenience at your fingertips.

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What We Provide?

We at Meraki Automations, passionate to make your life effortless and for that reason we provide professional services and easy installation in your home and offices.

  • 24/7 Expert Support
  • Easy Installation
  • 1 Year Meraki Care
  • Professional Service

We Provide Awesome Services


Home automation is connecting all the functional elements of your home to a network (Internet) and putting it to work for you. From lighting to AC, from tv to door-locks, you can now control, monitor and track your home from anywhere in the world, using your smartphone, computer or tablet device.


Office automation is connecting all the functional elements in your workplace (lights, fans, AC, projector screens, etc.,) to a network and putting them to work for you.


Hotel automation is connecting all the functional elements, like, lighting, HVAC, multimedia, security, curtains etc. to a network and accessing it from your smartphone, tablet or computer device.

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What User Say

The Meraki team helped us figure out an automation system for our school computer labs which has saved us a lot of time and energy! The installation was quick and the after sales service is super prompt. I would highly recommend these guys to anyone looking for home automation!

Very Quick setup, super app UI and smart tech! I automated my home as well as office. This is a brilliant solution, and at this price point, completely worth it!

Best option for home automation at an affordable price. It is so good no existing wiring changes were done. Meraki home automation installed right away.

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Contact us and Place the order for the Product and our lightning fast delivery partners will deliver smart devices to yur home.



All our products are very user friendly and easy to install so you can install it easily or you can contact us for any kind of installtion support.


Enjoy Your Safety

All our products comes with 1 year of replacable guarantee so just sit back n relax we will replace your devices for free of cost if you find issue in devices during 1 year period.