What’s Hospital Automation?

Hospital automation is a revolutionary technology that lets you automate all the functional elements in your hospital (lighting, HVAC, security, etc.) from your smartphone. Using our wireless automation concepts, hospitals can deliver extra-ordinary healthcare facilities to patients and their loved ones, while also improving scalability, trackability and profitability of their organization.

While legacy automation providers offer limited smartphone integration, we support multiple touchpoints, like voice and gesture recognition to provide unmatched convenience and delight to our customers. Patients can now turn on room lights or call their loved ones by simply talking to an intelligent voice assistant or moving their hands. The best part? Our automation products are 100% wireless, retrofit devices, which means they can be plugged behind your existing switches and plugs at zero demolition or internal wiring costs.

Our Concepts

Efficient Lighting

Smart Multimedia

Proactive Surveillance

Climate Control

Access Control

Water Management


Alarm System