What’s a Smart Building?

Building automation is simply connecting all the functional elements (Lights, HVAC, CCTV cameras, etc.) of a residential/commercial building to a network, and configuring them to proactively take contextually relevant actions. For example, a smart building can sense parameters like temperature, humidity, smoke, etc., and automatically trigger an alarm. Or, it can sense the presence of an intruder, take their picture and notify the security personnel.

While home automation is more about active control of functional elements in your home, building automation concepts are directed towards saving energy, optimizing resources and reducing down-time. Our core expertise lies in laying down the technology stack for residential/commerical spaces, configuring the hardware, and providing active support for the designed use-cases.

Our Concepts

Efficient Lighting

Smart Multimedia

Proactive Surveillance

Climate Control

Access Control

Water Management


Alarm System